Mako Reservations


Ready to help you fill your charters day or night


Away with the old and in with the new


  • Are you using an online reservation system that just doesn’t meet your needs?
  • Are you using a paper-book system that can get lost or damaged?
  • Learn more on why Mako Reservtions should be your online reservation system

Why Mako Reservations

Let Mako Reservations securely

  • Show current availability
  • Book charters while your out of cell coverage
  • Let your customers book their charters immediately
  • Safely and securely perform credit card processing
  • Deposit funds directly to your bank account
  • Access your system anywhere, anytime


More about Mako Reservations


  • Reasonable price structure
  • Other reservation systems charge 10%-30% for their systems
  • We only charges a flat 3% (excluding credit card processing) with a limit at $30
  • We are here to help your business, not to live off of your business
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More about Mako Reservations

  • Hosted on securely on the Cloud
  • Using top-end credit card processing services for security
  • Mobile friendly for smartphones and tablets
  • No more multiple books
  • Configure multiple types of reservations
  • Prevents incompatible reservations from being booked on the same day
  • Supports fixed cost or variable cost based reservations
  • Optional “convenience fee” for credit card charges
Mako Reservations

More about Mako Reservations

  • Receive immediate TXT notification of new reservations
  • Receive a notification the day prior with the customer contact information and currently balance due
  • Reduce time required to return calls and respond to emails
  • Remove double bookings and no-shows
  • Increase your bookings and revenue
  • No more worrying about the customers not showing up and having to mark the day as a loss


More about Mako Reservations

  • The user interface has been simplified for ease of use
  • Configured for ease of use on iPhone and Android.
  • Allow marinas to have access to make (but not cancel) reservations for you
  • Designed to support captains, marinas, and associations