Our Vision

Our vision and goal is to help your business improve its web presence and increase your customer base through online technologies. This includes integrating an online reservation system on your site to allow customers to select an available date that works for them.

To meet our vision and goal we have created Mako Reservations as we understand a business’s need for an online reservation system is paramount to increasing their growth and income. It will also decrease loss of revenue from customers not showing up for the reservation and reduce the days without reservations.

Now this is where we come in with our web based reservation system.

Our reservation system is designed and focused to support single day reservations since many businesses follow this model. This will include fishing, white-water rafting and kayaking, horseback riding, zip-lining, and many other outdoor (and even indoor) activities.

We want Mako Reservations to be your chosen reservation system that meets your business’s needs.

Our Story

Now how did we became focused on providing a software solution for improving businesses’ online and global presence?

Over a decade ago, we realized our friends’ businesses were not taking advantage of the opportunities provided with today’s technology. Our focus began with improving their online web presence and site design. This is great to get people interested but in itself will not improve the customer base. Next we integrated an online reservation system since this was pertinent to acquire new customers and in retain existing customers. The third portion of improving the site was the optimization for online searches. These three components together helped the businesses improve and surpass other competitors.

How Can We Help you

We are in the final steps of preparing our newest online reservation system for your business.

Look through our site to see how we can support your business.

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